Paramida‘s Love on the Rocks label will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a new V/A compilation, titled Supergau: 5 Years of Love On The Rocks.

Supergau, meaning “A disaster beyond all expectations,” is a four-disc collection that presents “an opportunity for artists to explore the charismatic boundaries between house, disco, new wave, and acid, with the shared goal of sheer dancefloor bliss,” the Berlin label explains.

Some of the featured artists are returning to the label fold, including Fantastic Man, Massimiliano Pagliara, Violet, ELLES, Etbonz, Dirk Leyers, and Alex Kassian. Others are featured for the first time, such as Francis Inferno Orchestra, Bartellow, and Eric Duncan. And others again are a surprise, including Kornél Kovács, Daniela La Luz, and Hermann Kristoffersen.

Paramida has made her name as an integral part of the new Berlin school of DJs embracing a more expansive sound beyond the straight-forward pulse of house and techno. She launched Love on the Rocks in 2014 with an EP from Massimiliano Pagliara.

Every record I put out felt like a message I’m sending out into the universe. And everyone featured on this compilation is someone I deeply connect with, even though it’s a pretty unexpected mix of artists. Here’s to the next five years.— Paramida



A1. Alex Kassian “Chopstick Romance”
A2. Daniela La Luz “Warszawa”
B1. Etbonz “Something To Dream About”
B2. Fantastic Man “I Love You Baby”


C1. Warehouse Preservation Society “Loving Touch”
C2. Francis Inferno Orchestra “Drongo Bongo”
D1. P&D (Paramida & Dirk Leyers) “Deal”


E1. ELLES “Squirtelle”
E2. Bartellow feat Jonas Friedlich “Dogz Out”
E3. Kornél Kovács “Mindegy”
F1. Violet “Run Free”
F2. Eric Duncan “Quick Confused” (Marcelas Edit)


G1. Ivan Berko “Joule Thief”
G2. Massimiliano Pagliara “Cuddle Me Away”
H1. Das Komplex “Fala”
H2. Herrmann Kristoffersen “Idolon”

Supergau: 5 Years of Love On The Rocks is out November 15, with Violet’s “Run Free” streaming in full below.