After reissuing its seminal, self-titled full-length from 1989 via Rush Hour in 2010 and re-emerging as a duo shortly thereafter (turning in a XLR8Rpodcast in the process), Chicago outfit Virgo Four has remained relatively active in recent years—even considering its line-up change, which was not fully revealed until a few months ago. Now, five previously unheard Virgo Four tracks are set to appear on the forthcoming E-Series Part One EP, due out in the coming weeks. The record is set to appear on Chiwax, a sublabel of Berlin imprint Rawax which focuses on the sounds of Chicago dance music both old and new. At this point, it is a bit unclear if the five tracks which make up E-Series Part One are in fact entirely new productions or just old tunes resurrected from the vaults, but either way, material from Virgo Four is likely to prove worth paying attention to. No exact release date for the EP has been revealed, but it is expected to drop soon, and in the meantime, a preview of the forthcoming record and its tracklist can be found below. (via Resident Advisor)

01 Just Let Me
02 Ohah
03 Superbass
04 1986
05 Let Me Touch Your Soul