Following last year’s reissue of its classic and sole long-player, pioneering Chicago house duo Virgo (a.k.a. Virgo Four) will drop another record of its vintage recordings, although this new batch is all previously unheard and unreleased material. Rush Hour Recordings will release Resurrection—a 15-track CD or 30-track vinyl box set, featuring songs produced in various home studios in Chicago between 1984 and 1990—on March 1. On the forthcoming collection, the press release states, “Resurrection really shows the the rich, diverse, and unique quality of Virgo Four, which leaves you wondering what impact they would have made on the (Chicago) house scene if they would have gotten released back in the day.” Maybe the chance to make an impact is not completely lost. We’ll know for sure once Resurrection is released, but until then, you can check out the artwork and CD tracklist below.

1. Silence
2. In The Valley
3. Sex
4. Crayon Box
5. Let The Music Play
6. Moskaw
7. It’s A Crime
8. White Smoke
9. The Mop
10. Lost Inside Of You
11. Boing
12. Look Into Your Eyes
13. Sexual Behaviour
14. Forever Yours
15. I Have Always Wanted