Louis Carnell (a.k.a Visionist) has announced details of the upcoming release of Safe, his debut LP coming out this fall via Bill KouligasPAN imprint. This marks the second collaboration between the pair, who recently announced the launch of a joint label called Codes.

With this latest project, Carnell’s signature R&B and grime style expands into new terrain. The producer takes a turn towards a more experimental sound, by “distilling his influences down to a palette of manipulated folk, pop and R&B acapellas, icy synths, and metallic drum samples” as stated in the press release.

On the reasoning behind the album’s title, the artist has said: “Comfort, protection, salvation—this is what we search for. We are taught that a life of no worries is better for us, and therefore we try to create one that is ‘Safe.'”

Find a preview of the first single below, along with the tracklisting.


1. You Stayed

2. Victim

3. 1 Guarda

4. I’ve Said

5. Vffected

6. Sin-cere

7. Safe

8. Let Me In

9. Too Careful To Care

10. Tired Tears, Awake Fears

11. Constraint

12. Sleep Luxury

PAN will release Safe on October 9, 2015.