Visionist has shared the video for new single “No Idols,” taken from his forthcoming album Value, out on October 20 via Big Dada.

“For “No Idols,” I wanted to explore notions of the Idol and the Idoliser,” explains the producer.” “No Idols” considers the often crushing nature of worshipping another but also the consequences of holding oneself as an emblem.”

Directed by visual artist and photographer Teri Varhol, the video is built on imagery originally inspired by the song’s title, which Varhol “then developed and expanded on” in close collaboration with Louis. “It utilizes dream logic and symbolic imagery, so ultimately each viewer will have their own interpretation based on their own thoughts and allusions,” says Varhol. “For me it depicts a raw and intimate journey of self-discovery, traveling from rejection of mere idolatry through false beliefs and illusory egos, to discovery of the true self.”

Value is scheduled for October 20 release via Big Dada.