Everything is Wrong might be the title of the new Vivian Girls‘ album, but the last year or so leads us to believe that most things, musically, anyway, are moving along swimmingly for this trio of ladies. This is, after all, a band that received its own question on Jeopardy, in addition to playing packed venues and receiving endless amounts of positive press over its self-titled album.

The girls will release the new album on September 8 via In the Red. They are taking six whole days to record the new record, which, according to the band, will clock in at around 35 minutes. “You’ll probably be able to plow through the whole Vivian Girls album on your morning commute,” bassist Kickball Katy told Pitchfork. Sound-wise, the girls mention longer songs this time around, many of which sound like this.

Everything Goes Wrong
01 Walking Alone at Night
02 I Have No Fun
03 Can’t Get Over You
04 Desert
05 Tension
06 Survival
07 The End
08 When I’m Gone
09 Out for the Sun
10 I’m Not Asleep
11 Double Vision
12 You’re My Guy
13 Before I Start to Cry

Photo by Terry Woefler.