By now, we’re guessing that most XLR8R regulars have caught on to the idea of Ask the Experts, a monthly feature in which a veteran artist agrees to answer questions directly from our audience. Last month’s edition with Daedelus proved to be rather illuminating, and we’re hoping for similar results this time around, as we’ve enlisted Vladislav Delay (a.k.a. Sasu Ripatti) to share a bit of his knowledge.

The Finnish producer has amassed an impressive body of work over the past 15-plus years, turning out everything from deeply textured ambient, glitch, and dub-techno to more house-oriented offerings (mostly as Luomo). He also continues to serve as a member of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio. The word “minimal” is often used to describe Ripatti’s output, but those familiar with his music know that a wealth of time and technical know-how goes into everything he creates. Next month, he’ll be releasingVisa, his first ambient LP in 10 years and an effort that’s been “designed to be listened to at high volume and in full detail.”

It’s a safe bet that many of the questions we receive for Vladislav Delay will be production oriented, but readers should also feel free to ask about touring, remixing, traveling, or pretty much any aspect of being an artist. Queries should be sent ASAP to; all of the entries will be sent along to Ripatti, and he’ll select a handful to answer. His responses will be posted in a new edition of Ask the Experts later this month, which will be followed by another chapter (with a new artist) every month thereafter. Start sending in those questions now.