The nearly impossible-to-categorize Finnish artist Sasu Ripatti returns next month with the latest release under his Vladislav Delay moniker, Whistleblower, a musical reworking and repackaging of the concepts behind ambient music, house, and techno. But whereas other artists involved or influenced by dance music seem content to fill the dancefloor, Ripatti happily gleans from the elements of the club after-hours.

Whistleblower’s emphasis on politics stands in contrast to Ripatti’s previous work, the focus of which was process-oriented, the human fused with machine. Today’s tense, dark political climate has, according to the press release, resonated with Ripatti, and in the last few years “it’s been impossible for him to not let some current global events sneak into the work, as an underlying influence shaping his creative atmosphere.” While certainly not aspiring to lead a movement, his work deals with the current state of the world and modes of being, an implicitly political engagement.

Whistleblower is out May 15, 2007 on Huume.

1. Whistleblower
2. Wanted to (Kill)
3. Stop talking
4. I Saw a Polysexual
5. Lumi
6. He Lived Deeply
7. Recovery Idea