More music is coming from Sasu Ripatti’s camp, this time from his Vladislav Delay project, which is also the name under which he produced some of his earliest work. Ten years after the release of Ele and a couple years since 2007’s Whistleblower, the Finnish house producer will return this summer with yet another Delay release, Tummaa.

He’ll release the album via the Leaf label on August 24. The title roughly translates to “darkness,” so there’s a clue as to the musical direction this time around. Ripatti has described the sound on his new work to be his “introverted and slightly darker side,” and also cites those long, cold Finland winters as a source of inspiration.

01 Melankolia
02 Kuula (Kiitos)
03 Mustelmia
04 Musta Planeetta
05 Toive
06 Tummaa
07 Tunnelivisio

Photo by Ari-Pekka Auvinen.