Longstanding Finnish producer Vladislav Delay (real name Sasu Ripatti) has announced that he will launch a new vinyl-only label, Ripatti, with the forthcoming inaugural release set to come from the label head himself. As Resident Advisor reports, Vladislav Delay sees the label as “something like a studio diary,” to which he adds, “It’s a chance for me to follow [my] progression over a certain [period of] time, but also to build a coherent musical catalog.” The label’s first release will find the producer operating simply as Ripatti—a new handle which he tells RA will serve as his “new club music project”—to be followed by releases from Heisenberg and Ripatti as his more familiar Vladislav Delay moniker, as well as additional collaborations with Max Loderbauer and Teeth down the line. The Ripatti label’s inaugural EP—conveniently entitled Ripatti and featuring just two tracks, “#39” and “#24″—will see a release on September 16.