Finnish electronic musician, known to his friends and family as Sasu Ripatti and to a portion of the music world as Luomo, Vladislav Delay has readied his first album under this pseudonym since 2007’s Whistleblower. The new release, titled Tummaa, arrives September 8 on U.K. label Leaf. According to the press release, “The new album marks a significant shift in emphasis in this acclaimed musician’s work, reflecting a renewed interest in jazz and acoustic performance.” Explaining the album’s genesis, it continues, “Created during the winter while Ripatti and his family were living on a remote island in the Baltic Sea within the Arctic Circle, he explains that ‘Tummaa means dark or darkness, which reflects the music on the album somehow’.” We’re not judging an album by its locale, but that does sound pretty awesome. The tracklisting follows.

1. Melankolia
2. Kuula (Kiltos)
3. Mustelmia
4. Musta Planeetta
5. Tolve
6. Tummaa
7. Tunnellvisio