Claus Voigtmann, better known as just Voigtmann, will release his debut album next month, titled Sublunary

The UK artist has operated on the fringes of house music for quite some time now. He works with a refined-yet-playful ethos, which is then channeled into the sophisticated, groove-led tunes he makes and plays. Since debuting on the production front in 2013, his records have landed on some of the scene’s most sought-after imprints, including Hello?Repeat, Assemble Music, Yumé, and Toi.Toi.Musik, the label arm of his conceptual underground London-based party—with which he is no longer affiliated. 

We’re told that the LP “draws on unique experiences” in his life and him struggling to find balance amidst all the chaos, using the studio as a sacred place to re-adjust his thoughts and using composing as his meditation. “The result is what happens when gentle craziness, selfishness, and honesty meet with unrestricted freedom of producing,” he explains. 

“I decided to write the album about one year ago when I felt really comfortable in my studio. I had the best setup I could imagine and gave it a go. It is a very interesting process of self-finding and also of letting go. Letting go of all worries about the outcome. Halfway through writing it, I realized that I literally don’t care if people like it or not. I fell in love with the process. As an artist, you are ideally maneuvering outside your comfort zone, and I wrote many tracks that were so far out, they would never make onto the album but the process of writing showed me that the result isn’t the main focus. For me, the beauty is in the process of writing and the amount of thought and concept that went into it. Along the way, my sound changed from the minimal artist that I used to be to something wider, more grown up, more solid, more technical. I tried to really establish a very own body of work.” — Voigtmann 


01. Tons of Tones

02. The Fall 

03. The Silence After 

04. Straight No Chaser 

05. Particularly Wayward 

06. Ibrahim Alfa “Follow Your Light” (Voigtmann Remix)

07. Perpetuity 

08. Confessions of a Time Traveller 

09. Anti Gravity Space Taco 

Sublunary LP will land late June/early July via Subsequent, with more details yet to be revealed.