Volruptus, Alex the Fairy, and Rachel Lyn will release their debut album as 3Ddancer next month, titled Great Fucking Success.

The 14-track album offers a glimpse into the trio’s long freeform dance music performances through a selection of pieces taken from live shows over the last two years, including their appearances for Modular Gang at the Oscillate parties.

We’re told that the music spans electro, techno, acid, industrial, gabber, EBM, and hardcore. It’s described as “an uncompromising, unrefined expression of the three interwoven minds—rough, rugged, and raw.”


01. Deep Sea Boating
02. Can’t Relate
03. 1424 Direct (3D Version)
04. (Melon Road)
05. Gangsters Paradise
06. Triple Denim
07. Siren Song
08. Microwave Dinners
09. And Then
10. XTC&me
11. I Saw No Shadow
12. Critters
13. Swingers Revenge
14. In The Wrong Bar

Great Fucking Success is out November 5. Meanwhile, you can see 3Ddancer’s Boiler Room show below.