Berlin’s Renate‘s will host the infamous Voyage Voyage this weekend, one of the longest running party series in town.

Back when it started just over seven years ago, it was one of the first parties featuring “loads of disco, warm house and slo-mo, music from all over the world, while most of the rest in Berlin still was full on minimal and loop house with more local DJs,” Renate explains. “Sure, we didn’t invent that concept, but seven years ago it was a new thing to happen in Berlin.”

On the lineup for this weekend’s event are Black Spuma, Simple SymmetryLokier, Sebastian Voigt, Nein Records label head Tronik Youth alongside more local and international names.

This is what Renate had to say on the event.

What is the concept behind Voyage Voyage? What makes it so different to other Berlin events?

It started really natural, Stephan (22Rockets) and I (The Swift) wanted to do a party that reflects our personal favorites. We just book what we also play, simple as that. For us, the main difference to other events is that we created a Voyage family which attends all the events and really trust our booking choices no matter if they know the acts playing or not. Thanks for trusting us over all those years.

How has it evolved over time?

Actually, Voyage Voyage has maintained a status of one of Renate’s best parties since the start. Also, it’s kind of Renate’s flagship event which creates a lot of international attention. In the beginning, it had a stronger classic house touch which turned into more synth heavy dance music. But we are getting back to that, a bit more diversity on each of the three dance floors is what we aim at in the future.

What kind of person does it attract?

Open minded music lovers! Our guests are more adult than usual at Renate and as we said before we have a lot of loyal followers of the series. Many guests are also in the music business and definitely know their shit.