Purveyors of the experimental electronica scene in New Delhi, Circuit Records have presented the latest VvvvV remix courtesy of the dark techno specialist Hashback Hashish.

With over 10 years musical experience under his belt as both a producer and performer, Hashback Hashish (a.k.a Ashish Sachan) has released a plethora of critically acclaimed albums, EPs, and remixes while touring extensively across South East Asia and the UK.

Taking VvvvV’s ambient, ’80s-inspired,synth-driven single “Linguistics,” Hashback Hashish completely flips the track to produce an absorbing and menacing remix. A pumping bassline and kick drum stand strong in unison, unwavering through the nine-minute piece, developing steadily with rhythmic nuances backed by sophisticated synth melodies.

Discussing the remix, Sachan explains, “Diligent sequencing that leaves you deeply satisfied is VvvvV’s hallmark and “Linguistics” treads those same footsteps but with renewed energy. It was a thrill to remix this, and it is an immersive extension of that same thrill I have hoped to recreate for the listener. The elements for this remix are MFB Tanzbar, Roland TB03, Roland Space Echo, Arturia Minibrute, and hypnotic dub chords parts from the original.”

Circuit Records was founded in 2015 and is “on a mission to introduce the burgeoning, electronic music scene in New Delhi to the masses. From the glitchy rhythms of Toymob to the dark techno atmospherics of Perc, the label shines a light on the rich and diverse nature of Indian music.