L.A.’s Walt Disney Concert Hall is set to host Pravda (“truth,” in Russian), a less family-friendly event series, namely one that examines the role of artistic repression in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Though the series has several parts, the gem in the crown takes place on Saturday, May 26, when Amon Tobin, Cut Chemist, DJ Spooky, J-Rocc, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Mumbles & Gone, along with the dublab soundsystem, perform remixes of the music of Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and Mosolov. Images from iconic Russian films The Battleship Potemkin, Alexander Nevsky, The Cranes are Flying, and Soy Cuba will be manipulated and projected in conjunction with the audio, providing a historical reference point on Russian culture for event attendees.

Following this initial showcase, German-born musician Christoph Bull will give a special organ performance, and Leon Theremin’s full ten Theremin Orchestra–originally written for the world’s first electronic orchestra–will be performed for the first time since its original screening at Carnegie Hall, in 1932.

Pravda takes place beginning at 10 p.m. on Saturday, May 26, at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A.
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