Renowned German trio Wareika is scheduled to release its latest LP, The Magic Number, in mid-March on the Detroit-based music label Visionquest.

Having previously released music on a plethora of respected labels such as Perlon, Future Classic, and Tartelet Records, this will be Wareika’s fourth release on Visionquest. The project is a sonic labyrinth of convoluted, forward-thinking tracks that point towards the dancefloor in an unfamiliar-yet-seductive fashion.

You can view the entire tracklist below and check out more music from Wareika by visiting their SoundCloud page here.


1. The Magic Number (Part 1)
2. Planet Of Jason
3. Song Of Wareika
4. Bolero
5. My Guitar
6. Keen To Rebel (feat. Miajica)
7. Finding Essence
8. Protect Me From What I Want
9. The Magic Number (Part 2)