German trio Wareika will soon release a new album on Mule Musiq, titled Water, Sky, Sun, Wood.

The album consists of one long track made from a four-hour live jam between members Florian Schirmacher and Henrik Raabe using piano, guitar, congas, and a variety of synths. The recording was then edited down by Schirmacher before Raabe added new elements. Final member Jakob Seidensticker mixed the final version.

Wareika previously appeared on the Japanese label with a remix of Jemmy in 2015; while Schirmacher’s project Glowing Glisses dropped an EP on Mule almost 10 years ago. Other material has landed on Visionquest, PerlonAmphia, and other labels.


01. Water, Sky, Sun, Wood

Water, Sky, Sun, Wood will land on February 9, 2018.