American producer Gonjasufi will drop his fourth LP via Warp Records this August.

After joining the legendary British imprint back in 2009, Gonjasufi returns with his follow-up to 2012’s MU.ZZ.LE—an LP entitled Callus. The multi-talented musician has become known not only for his productions, but also his singing, rapping and DJing. Listeners can expect a heady blend of samples, psychedelia and abstract soundscapes.

On the album’s name and concept, Gonjasufi explained that it was based around themes of anger and pain: “It ain’t about getting past that shit. It’s about growing into it. I peeled through all these layers to get to the core. I channeled all the misunderstanding and misery and torment—that’s what it is, torment—into this.”

Callus will drop on August 19. Stream one of the album’s cuts, “Maniac Depressant,” below.


01. Your Maker
02. Maniac Depressant
03. Afrikan Spaceship
04. Carolyn Shadows
05. Ole Man Sufferah
06. Greasemonkey
07. The Kill
08. Prints Of Sin
09. Krishna Punk
10. Elephant Man
11. The Conspiracy
12. Poltergeist
13. Vinaigrette
14. Devils
15. Surfinfinity
16. When I Die
17. The Jinx
18. Shakin Parasites
19. Last Nightmare