Composer, producer, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Kelly Moran will release a new album on Warp Records

Moran made an early name for herself in New York collaborating with dance performance and composing for long-term John Cage collaborator Margaret Leng Tan. In 2017, with the release of her Bloodroot LP, she began to reach wider attention; the album made innovative use of piano and electroacoustic instruments, purpose-built by Moran herself. 

Moran will now debut on Warp Records with Ultraviolet, released November 2. We’re told that the album continues to interpret her “wealth of inspirations into a sound all her own and pulls off a nearly impossible feat: the annihilation of experimental music’s imposing, esoteric, über-academic status quo in the name of pure, unbridled intuition, of human joy.” 


01. Autowave

02. Helix

03. Water Music

04. Nereid

05. In Parallel

06. Halogen

07. Radian

Ultraviolet LP will land on November 2, with “Helix” streaming below.