Autechre‘s first three vinyl LPs will be available to buy again from November.

Sean Booth and Rob Brown (a.k.a. Autechre) properly established themselves via their first few albums on Warp RecordsIncunabula, Amber and Tri Repetae, records that were each released a year apart between ’93-’95. The first two are generally regarded as being a more melodic take on IDM and ambient music, before the British duo began to reject those more familiar sounds on Tri Repetae, pursuing a darker, more experimental route.

The trio of albums, which have been unavailable to purchase on wax since 2001, “reveal the geometry of the duo’s early transcripts from post-acid house electronica through sparse, hypnotic ambience and into the b-boy flavour that characterised their mid-nineties excavations of jungle, industrial and hip-hop,” according to the imprint.

IncunabulaAmber and Tri Repetae will be available to purchase on November 11. Pre-order the albums at Bleep.