Warp Records is set to reissue B12’s Electro-Soma LP in August

Originally released in the early ’90s, its gleaming surfaces, supple rhythms, and utopian strings mark B12’s Electro-Soma among the most distinctive electronic albums of this time. B12 went from anonymous figures on the fringe of the dance scene to emblems of techno and IDM. It was the fourth edition of the Artificial Intelligence series, which featured pivotal records from Aphex Twin, Autechre, Richie Hawtin, and The Black Dog.

Electro-Soma was a compilation hand picked by Warp founder Rob Mitchell from the tracks he loved on early B12 Records 12″s, with a few pieces made specifically for the album including the ambient opening theme “Soundtrack of Space.”

All tracks on the reissues have been remastered from original sources and the packages include track-by-track annotation, a new essay about the early years of B12 by Ben Murphy, plus archival photos, flyers and other memorabilia from the period.


01. Soundtrack Of Space
02. Hall Of Mirrors
03. Mondrin
04. Obsessed
05. Bio Dimension
06. Basic Emotion
07. Metropolis
08. Obtuse
09. Debris
10. Telefone 529
11. Satori
12. Static Emotion

Warp will reissue Electro-Soma on August 25, with “Hall of Mirrors” streamable in full below.