Shape-shifting UK producer Clark has announced the imminent arrival of his sixth LP for Warp, a 12-track offering called Iradelphic. The album—which has been described by its creator as “looming, ambiguous, radiant, glowing, whole, invincible, complete” and was recorded throughout Australia, Berlin, Wales, Brussels, Norway, Cornwall, and London—is scheduled to drop on April 2, but is preceded by a free download of the cut “Com Touch.” From the sound of it, it would seem that Clark’s new record might exist somewhere in between the intrepid musicality and stylistic shifts of his breathtaking Body Riddle LP and the dystopian bombast of its follow up, Turning Dragon. You can hear for yourself, as well as check out the artwork and tracklist for Iradelphic, below.

1. Henderson Wrench
2. Com Touch
3. Tooth Moves
4. Skyward Bruise / Descent
5. Open
6. Secret
7. Ghosted
8. Black Stone
9. The Pining pt. 1
10. The Pining pt. 2
11. The Pining pt. 3
12. Broken Kite Footage