Released in March, “Round One” of the El Rudo Del House 12″ series from Matias Aguayo and Cómeme returns with this colorful, dance-laden, video for one of the series standout tracks “Bay A Sali Bolando 121 BPM.” Matias describes El Rudo as “a series of dancer and dj friendly rhythms that consciously trigger different elements of your body mechanics and are accompanied by masks, costumes, and videos featuring special choreography,” and this is manifested perfectly in this latest video from the master of the weird and wonderful.

Round two of El Rudo is set to drop imminently, with three and four in May and June. The four “Rounds” will total 16 tracks altogether, including locked grooves of El Rudo field recordings and life-size El Rudo masks. You can check out the video for “Bay A Sali Bolando 121 BPM” below.