Recently, Point Blank hosted UK producer Nat Powers to break down a grime track he produced for D Double E.

Nat Powers sits within the top tier of hip-hop producers, working with and producing for the likes of Run DMC, The Pharcyde, D Double E, and Giggs, among others. In a recent video with Point Blank, Powers talks through the track “Lovely Jubbly,” which he produced for D Double E.

In the video, which you can watch via the player above, Powers gives a glimpse into his workflow, describing how each of the elements in “Lovely Jubbly” were made, pulling inspiration from classic video-game sounds, and how the crunchy arpeggiated synth led the track’s development. He also gives some insight into the workings of grime and some advice to aspiring producers about how the tracks you don’t think are your best can sometimes be the ones that really capture others’ imagination.

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