Subtext Recordings is set to release Eric Holm‘s Barotrauma on June 24.

Following on from Andøya—Holm’s debut for Subtext that was composed primarily out of two 30 second recordings of power lines in arctic Norway—Barotrauma was recorded in the Nordic Fjords south of Oslo while Holm was training at the Norwegian School of Commercial Diving (Norsk Yrkesdykkerskole). During the training, world oil prices collapsed, leaving Holm with an uncertain future and the catalyst for his latest endeavour, which was to capture “the lonely calm of his isolation in the dark water.”

Holm started recording his dives, collecting video and audio of the interference—engines, equipment, and drilling—he would encounter. The recordings were then manipulated and processed, forming his vision of the underwater environment in Barotrauma.

In anticipation of the forthcoming release, Subtext and Holm have shared a trailer for the ambitious project, which you can watch in full via the player above.