Next month, DJ Deep and Roman Poncet will return to their Sergie Rezza project with Re Introduction.

Over the last few years, since first collaborating as Sergie Rezza in 2015, DJ Deep and Roman Poncet have continued a fruitful partnership that has seen them explore techno, house, micro-house, and more as Adventice, Fang, DeepTraum, and Slang. Sergie Rezza, however, is their most esoteric and experimental guise, operating in a hard-to-define space that fuses dub, ambient, bass, and techno into a mesmerizing concoction of electronics. Their new EP presents four cuts in this vein, from the shimmering synths on “CalĂ©” to the soaring chords on closing cut, “DacalĂ©.”

In support of the forthcoming release, the duo have shared a mind-bending video for dubbed-out cut “Treehouse,” available to stream via the player above.

You can pre-order Re Introductionhere.