Back in February, we shared what we thought was the third and final installment of Relics of the PastLegowelt and Willie Burns‘ DIY web series themed around intergalactic voyages, synths, and space weed. As it turns out, the adventure’s not over yet—season two kicks off today with a new episode, entitled “Skull Dude.” In the 30-minute video, the two producers land jobs as private detectives whose “mysterious new patron” (played by Dutch producer and Crème Organization affiliate Orgue Electronique) dispatches them to the Faroe Islands—the locale mythologized in a recent batch of Danny Wolfers material. DJ Overdose also features as the professor, and an “artistically mesmerising awe of cult stupidity” is guaranteed. Watch it in full below, and revisit all three previous episodes herehere, and here, respectively.