Since releasing his addition to the classic DJ-Kicks mix series—this one being number 50—DJ Koze has been busy making psychedelic videos for his exclusive singles from the compilation. The video for track “I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List” is a head trip through a tropical island location, complete with all the multi-colored waves of an individually wrapped sugar cube in tin foil, and is now streaming exclusively on Youtube.

The clip came from two different directors, Katharina Duve and Timo Schierhorn, who were inspired to produce the clip after Koze and company were “on their way to shoot some ancient hippie caves somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean,” when, according to Koze, they “incidentally met a lovely bloke cruising the beaches on his Omamobil. He showed us the ways of his island and the key to happiness. And then he sold us a lottery ticket.”

You don’t have imagine what type of life lottery you could win by hanging out with DJ Koze in the middle of the sea, but you can get the real deal by checking out the video below. For more info about DJ Koze and his 50th installment of DJ-Kicks, check out the DJ Kicks website and buy the album.