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Within his glitchy live-electronics compositions, Oval (a.k.a. Markus Popp) is a master of balancing visceral sounds with nuance and subtlety, as evidenced in part in our recent interview with the veteran producer. Some of his preciously crafted songs—which can be heard on the recently released Oh EP and the forthcoming, double-disc O album—have been matched with similarly made visuals, such as the bucolic “Kastell” video and this piece for “Ah!.” Directed and produced by Amberley Productions, the “Ah!” video features barely dressed dancers who all seem to be classically trained in the ways of ballet. A woman wearing an ornate mask that covers half of her face is the focus of the music video, and we watch as she gingerly—and quite limberly—performs both small and sweeping dance movements. It’s all done in a large, hot pink room with a thick layer of dirt covering the floor, and the whole thing is shot wonderfully.

Also, here before the September 7 release date of Oval’s massive O record is a free EP from the suddenly prolific artist. Ringtone II contains eight songs not featured on either of Popp’s recent releases, and you can nab it with out giving away so much as an email address, right here. And if that’s not enough Oval for you yet, download an MP3 of “Ah!” with this link.