Tomorrow, January 27, Phantasy will present a new album from Brazilian artist Babe, Terror titled Ancient M’ocean.

Limited to 300 physical copies, Ancient M’ocean comes packed inside a comic conceptualized and produced by Babe, Terror himself and beautifully illustrated by Michael Crook. The comic and music chronicle a sci-fi romance that takes place in a world adjacent and just out of reach of our own, it’s a small part of “a community of souls… an incorruptible interconnection that binds us together as a whole.”

The music on Ancient M’ocean is beautifully foreign, fragments of sound that, like the concept itself, seems to exist in an out-of-reach realm of wonderment. When devoured as a whole package, the release gives an intriguing glimpse into Babe, Terror’s endlessly creative world.

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, you can stream the video (produced and directed by Mario Cascardo) for album cut “Allureon” (Parts ll & lll).