Last week, Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok (a.k.a. Alex Sushon) and rising R&B singer Kelela formally announced that their next collaborative single, “Melba’s Call,” would drop on March 31, and have followed up that announcement with a brand-new video for the forward-thinking song. With art direction by Sushon himself and production by Nic Hamilton, the piece features a lo-fi hologram of Kelela projected between two speakers inside a remarkable studio space, with a sizeable glass tower and lush garden filling out the background. As Bok Bok’s mechanically funky track stutters onward, laced with feathery vocals, flashes of stark lighting mirror its beat. The clip for “Melba’s Call” eventually ventures out into the rest of the space, showing something like an abandoned bachelor pad that could only exist in a dream.