Sci-fi-centric techno duo Dopplereffekt has just unveiled a brand-new video, which is now available to stream exclusively on the Leisure System website for a limited time. Shot at the Marie Curie Institute in Paris, director Irwin Barbe‘s grainy, black-and-white footage whelms Dopplereffekt’s percolating “Gene Silencing” track—lifted from the group’s recent Tetrahymena EP—in withdrawn and sterile imagery. Flashing images of microscopic organisms, laboratories, and gaseous masses bombard the viewer, complimenting the scientifically oriented narrative woven by Dopplereffekt ringleader Gerald Donald. The clip for “Gene Splicing” can be seen for the next 21 days here.

In addition to dropping this sharp video, Leisure System is also preparing to celebrate the 20th edition of its residency at the Berghain/Panorama Bar with a DJ set from Paul Woolford’s Special Request project, Visionist, Tim Exile, and more on December 13, the details of which can be found here.