Synth-obsessed experimental producer Oneohtrix Point Never (a.k.a. Daniel Lopatin) has shared a strangely mesmerizing new video for “Boring Angel,” the opening track for this year’s XLR8R Pick’d R Plus Seven LP. Directed by internet-focused artist John Michael Boling, the clip is another example of the warped tech-isms that have been through Lopatin’s previous videos, Nate Boyce’s visuals for the OPN live performance, and his two-hour-long, divergent XLR8R podcast. Boling’s video is incredibly minimalist, using only a blank, white field on which an assortment of Emoji flash and change in rapid succession with the vibrant music. Through the ecstatic montage, a feeling of extreme anxiety overlays Lopatin’s highly emotive synth arpeggiations and choral melodies.