A month from now, London DJ/producer and Perc Trax label head Ali Wells (a.k.a. Perc) will issue his The Power and The Glory LP, an album which will arrive complete with 10 biting and energetic cuts of gnarled techno experiments. One such track is “Take Your Body Off,” and we’re pleased to be premiering its video today. Produced by Dan Tombs, the heavily mangled visuals are an ideal counterpart for the punishing beats of our first glimpse into Perc’s new record, as the abstract imagery flickers and distorts in time with the rapid tempos and anguished vocals from Dan Chandler of London noise-rock band Dethscalator. It’s rarely clear what exactly we’re looking at in Tombs’ piece for “Take Your Body Off,” which, again, speaks to the uncanniness of Perc’s production. The video can be seen below before The Power and the Glory drops on February 17 via Perc Trax.