Alexey Devyanin, better known as the Siberian born producer Pixelord, is known for his bleep-bloop 8-bit sound and fragmented graphics. Now the producer has released a video called “DATA,” inspired by browser generative plugins and Glitche app on iOS.

The video was released yesterday on Pixelord’s Vimeo channel, and the music for the video is pulled from Pixelord’s latest soundtrack “П”—a score specially created for an A/V installation by Marcos Zotes at The Polytechnic Museum Festival, in Moscow. The video is a continuous flow of rainbow data from one side of the screen to the next , like a VHS player having a copy of Altered States as its final meal. The video feel effortlessly connected to Polytech installation, and represents the online part of this digital collaboration.

You can find more website and design work by visiting the Mr. Doob website, and you can also check out both artists by watching the video below. You can click here to find Pixelord’s latest exclusive download on XLR8R.

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