Art-school house duo Teengirl Fantasy (a.k.a. Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss) is readying its next EP, Nun, to drop via This Is Music on November 25, and the Brooklyn-based outfit has just shared a hyperactive clip for the EP’s title track. Directed by video artist Hans Lo, the piece manipulates a collage of nature and space footage with digital artifacts, warping, and futuristic visual overlays, creating a high- and low-quality pastiche of degraded patterns and detailed video clips. Similarly, the spaced-out cut wields pixelated drums and high-definition synth chimes in equal measure; as Takahashi says of the song and visuals, “Both present an overflow of information while simultaneously focusing in on magnified chunks, as if to reveal that everything we’re seeing/hearing is made up of these crunchier little bits of 1’s and 0’s.” The full video for “Nun” can be found below. (via Dazed)