Last Year, in partnership with Ableton’s yearly Education Tour, Point Blank hosted UK-based producer and live performer Afrodeutsche for a masterclass in creative songwriting and performing in Ableton Live.

In the video, Afrodeutsche, real name Henrietta Smith-Rolla, delves deep into how she experiments with creative writing in Ableton, including her tips on processing sound and samples, and how she’s progressed from ambient piano works to deeper, more club-based electronic productions. She also discusses how she performs live using Ableton, going into detail on how to map sounds and effects to a controller while programming beats live. During the masterclass, Afrodeutsche opens and expands on a number of her Ableton projects, giving insight into her workflow and project structure, as well as a look at scoring films using Live’s inbuilt video display.

You can watch the video below, with more on Point Blank and its courses here.