Widely recognized as a global institution committed to fostering creativity in music, RBMA has just wrapped up another great edition of its festival in NYC. Today, RBMA released an exclusive interview with one of the most prolific hip-hop producers of our time, Madlib. In this interview, The Beat Konducta touches on subjects such as “Prince, the importance of doing taxes, the death of his Quasimoto alter ego, how he manages to stay so prolific even after having kids, collaborating with Kanye West and his love of industrial music.”

You can watch the full video in the player above.

Starting on January 18, music makers from across the globe are invited to apply for RBMA’s 2016 edition in Montreal. The application form can be downloaded from the Academy website and must be mailed in by March 7, along with a CD of recorded material by each applicant. The RBMA jury will then select a group of participants from the submitted applications.

You can learn more by heading to Red Bull Music Academy‘s website here.