After having recently received news of his forthcoming ambitious collaboration with Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri, Detroit techno stalwart Jeff Mills has unveiled a short film for which he provided the ’80s-tinged, sci-fi-inspired score. Directed by Dutch visual artist Heleen Blanken, The Alignment is the second pairing for the two artists after they worked together on the Space Time Continuum short late last year. The Alignment begins with unfocused, abstract images, eventually centering in on an androgynous couple standing in an empty field of snow, who stare into the sky at a passing rocketship. In an interview about the film, Blanken states that it “deals with the concept of ‘telepathically’ transferring thoughts and feelings,” illustrating visually what a symphony can do to a listener. Released via the video offshoot for Mills’ own Axis label, Alpha Centauri, The Alignment is available to watch below. (via Juno Plus)