Fiona Soe Paing‘s debut album, Alien Lullabies, will drop via Colliderscope at the end of this week.

The album contains 12 unsettling electronic soundscapes that sonically detail Paing’s sprawling alien world. That world is further brought to life via the Alien Lullabies live show, a haunting cinema hybrid with projected 3D animation by collaborator Zennor Alexander—who created an animated fairytale to accompany the album. Alexander’s abstract visuals are the perfect accompaniment to Paing’s otherworldly music. It’s an ambitious project that excels in its delivery.

To preview the upcoming release, Paing has passed on the video premiere for “The Ballad Of Two Sisters,” a track based on an old murder ballad called TheTwa Sisters—which has also been recorded by artists such Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. The Cruel Sister tells the story of two sisters who share the same lover. One of the sisters is jealous of the other and drowns her in the sea. When the body washes ashore sometime later, her bones have been formed into a harp, with her golden hair as the strings. The wind blows through the strings of the harp, playing the song that tells the story of the murder. It’s an affecting story that Paing details with pained vocals and moaning sound design alongside Alexander’s alien interpretation.

You can watch the video for the “The Ballad Of Two Sisters” in full via the player above, with the album available for preorder here.