By the Lake Festival 2015 was curated by Danish musicians Efterklang and featured Lonnie Holley, Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, Omar Souleyman, and Wild Birds & Peace Drums. The festival runs in conjunction with the group’s left-field radio show, The Lake, and follows the stylistic cues set by the show—namely, beautifully diverse world music.

In their set, Burnt Friedman and Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit performed a composition that can be found on a couple of Friedman & Liebezeit recordings, Sandale (SR3) and 182-11, both released via S.R.4. It’s an improvised piece based on the spontaneous mixing of several independent, pre-recorded sequences, with live synthesizer and live drumming. The piece’s mode is 11, a mode sometimes found in Bulgarian traditional folk song rhythms. After the performance, the track was mastered by Francesco De Dominicis and the video edited by Jirka Plachy.

You can watch the video in full via the player below.