Composer and pianist Nils Frahm has formed nonkeen, a new project with primary school friends Frederic Gminer and Sebastian Singwald. nonkeen is slated to release its debut album, the gamble, via R&S on February 5.

According to the press release, the trio first met in Hamburg around 1989, and migrated to Berlin after the fall of the Wall. Re-uniting in their twenties while nostalgically listening to their childhood tapes, they started to sample particular areas and add to others, starting a fresh new musical project. Overall, the gambletook shape over eight years, during which songs were recorded using four-track tape recorders and microphones in various rehearsal spaces around Berlin, and then engineered back at Frahm’s studio.

nonkeen has now released its debut music video for LP cut “chasing god through palmyra,” featuring a wild journey through the lens of a model train and the still and bewitching life that surrounds its circular, miniature world.

You can watch the video in the player above and be sure to check out more from Nils Frahm by visiting his Soundcloud page here.

You can pre-order the gamble by going to nonkeen’s website here.