Having just released his latest EP, Án Mynda, on October 9, Alek Fin has recently put out a devastatingly gorgeous music video for his track “Lift Up (feat. Robot Koch).” The gentle guitar loops and serene vocals from Fin, which move alongside the experimental and futuristic pop stylings of Robot Koch’s production, make for a unique and enticing collaboration.

The music video, which was created by Anthony Ciannamea (aka EFFIXX), takes place in an art studio which seemingly comes to life on its own when the owner locks up for the day. Ciannamae has made a name for himself by providing breathtaking aesthetics for a variety of musical acts; providing live visuals every month at Low End Theory in Los Angeles and having previously directed music videos for Nosaj ThingStarkey, Dibiase, Deru, Shigeto, Eskmo, Take, and more. (You can click on the hyperlinks to view their music videos).

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