It seems a resurgence of interest in the history of American dance music culture is currently underway, with news of a documentary chronicling San Francisco’s ’90s rave scene popping up last week and now a documentary capturing New York’s blossoming house scene of the same era recently coming to our attention. The film, entitled Back in the House, is mostly comprised of footage captured by director Farid Slimani, who, in 1996, as a French teenager, visited NYC and absorbed as much of the house music culture as he could, and filmed the whole expedition along the way. If the trailer is any indication, he ended up with some uniquely fascinating footage, with virtually every name from the scene, including Junior Vasquez, Kenny Dope (pictured above), Louie Vega, Juan Atkins, and Roger Sanchez to name a few. You can watch the 12-plus-minute teaser, and get more info on the doc, here.