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Last month, Canadian artist Hannah Epperson released her new album, Slowdown, via Listen Collective.

Slowdown represents the second half of a two-piece project, following on from the first half, Upsweep, which was released in October 2016. On Slowdown, Epperson presents two distinct versions of each of the five tracks—one stripped-back and minimalist (Iris), and the other a shimmering pop interpretation (Amelia). The music is tense, immersive, and visceral, fusing elements of folk, jazz, and synth-pop into dream-like trips.

Following the album release, Epperson has shared a tense and unsettling short film—which was co-directed by Epperson and Jake Saner—that pairs her track “20/20” with a narrative that follows two protagonists through a series of engrossing scenes.

You can watch the short film via the player above, with the album available here.