Avalon Emerson has shared a video for “Honest Gangster,” taken from her recent EP Let Me Love and Steal. The record (which dropped just a few weeks ago) served as her second appearance on fledgling label Spring Theory, and was said to find Emerson taking stylistic cues from her newly adoptive city of Berlin. “Honest Gangster,” however, seems to have been shot closer to Emerson’s previous home-base on the West Coast; the video opens with expansive stills of a desert around sunset, but when the sun goes down things very literally get darkā€”neon lights and staticky, lo-fi imaging creates a menacing feel, offset by the squelchy bass, clattering percussion, and neurotic synths of the track itself.

A full stream of Let Me Love and Steal can be heard via XLR8Rhere, and the video premiere for “Honest Gangster” can be watched in full below.