Vessel has unveiled a brutally intimate new video for “Red Sex,” the lead single off his latest album, Punish, Honey. In an interview with Dazed that accompanies the video premiere, the Bristol-based producer born Sebastian Gainsborough says he and director Harry Wright wanted the visuals to match the “anxious, uncomfortable sexuality” that infuses the track itself. Inspired by home movie aesthetics and seedy, amateur porn films, Wright adds that the video plays with discomfort, taboo, and the intersection of beauty, humor, and the grotesque. “We wanted to highlight ideas to do with sex that don’t often get addressed in mainstream media,” he explains. “Feelings of frustration, awkwardness, nervousness, and how it can all end up being funny yet disturbing in equal measure.”

Shot under the fluorescent lights of a police cell, the video features two men (with apparent home appliance fetishes) and can be watched in full here.