Today sees Andras Fox debut on the Mexican Summer label with his five-track Vibrate on Silent EP. To mark the occasion, the Melbourne-based producer has passed along a new video for EP cut “Pontoon.”

Shot in a grainy fashion reminiscent of decades-old home movies, Fox’s video follows the young talent as he goes through a series of bizarre adventures—at first simply noodling on a MS-20 in the middle of an office complex, before being chased down by a few inept foes, and eventually somehow ending up in the middle of the desert. To top it all off, the clip also features iPhones, keyboards, saxophones, and other instruments shooting off lasers. In the end, the kitschy video is just as disarmingly charming as Fox’s breezy “Pontoon” production which connects the dots between Casio-based electronic pop and G-funk-style beatwork. Fox’s full video for “Pontoon” is premiering below.