Moscow electronic duo IC3PEAK—made up of Nick and Nastya, two “audio-visual terrorists—follow last year’s self-released debut with new single, “Kawaii Warrior,” released via US-label Manimal (Yoko Ono, Bat for Lashes, Warpaint).

Their unique brand of sonic experimentation and charisma channels artists like Grimes, Die Antwoord, and Bjork, whilst simultaneously looking into the future. For the duo, “the beauty is in the struggle to create new symbols and meanings,” and the latest single explores “female representation, as a woman now is seen both independent and still aching for love. It speaks out about human nature—which is actually much more complicated—and wishing to get closer to what’s hidden inside of our minds: from the darkness to the light.”

The single arrives with a video filmed by IC3PEAK in a forbidden, abandoned space that was used for USSR echolocation experiments. The video, which you can watch via the player below, follows the duo as they traverse through the abandoned, bunker-like space and shows “a snippet of an H+ party in a dystopian future.”